Harnessing solar energy uses a technology called photovoltaic (PV) cells, this process turns sunlight into electricity.  Something to keep in mind is that whenever a solar energy spill occurs, it is simply called a “nice day”. 
Top 10 reasons to look at owning a portable solar generator. 
  1. No noise and no fumes. 
  2. Little to no maintenance needed.
  3. Many different options available.
  4. Consistent and reliable source of energy.
  5. It is green and sustainable.
  6. Easy to travel with.
  7. Free energy.
  8. Can save your life in an emergency.
  9. Carbon footprint is reduced.
  10. The investment made is generally paid back over time.

​One myth on solar power is the perceived limitations on the potential energy-generation of solar panels. Mainly that on rainy, cloudy days, solar panels are not able to produce energy.  The truth is that they do collect energy during these times.

Whether you spend the money on solar or send it off to the utility company, your money is still being spent.  Why not consider picking up a few solar panels and a solar generator to help make the planet a better place for everyone. 

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