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Free Shipping Over $99 - COVID-19 Notice: We are experiencing shipping delays for some products but working hard to get orders out.
Free Shipping Over $99 - COVID-19 Notice: We are experiencing shipping delays for some products but working hard to get orders out.
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Have you experienced any of the following:

Companies that break their promises, and treat you like a dollar sign.

Employees that never smile, or blame you for the problem.

Deal with people that have no empathy, or never say their sorry when they mess up.

Companies that are so hard to reach that they don't seem to care if you buy from them.

People that don't even understand the product they are selling or how they are used.

With us we can guarantee several things, we won't break our promises, or treat you like a dollar sign.  We want your business and we want you to know we care whether you do business with us or not.

We strive to offer genuine products from the manufacturers we work with. This means you will get the product that you ordered.  A 100% positive rating is important to us.  We don’t mess around with our customers happiness. That is why so many of you become friends.  We are a business owned by 2 families so every purchase you make from us goes to support our families.  And just like you neither one of us has a private jet or a mansion. We are real people that will do our best to earn your repeat business. We're constantly researching and testing current and new products so we can expand our selection of premium gear.

If you want to work with us, all you have to do is ask, buy something, or tell others about us.

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Blog posts

  • October 2, 2020 Shawn Tipping

    Why You Need a Self-Sterilizing Water Filter System

    Understanding the Growthrough Process

    Bacteria thrive in damp areas, such as filtration elements inside a water purification system. When the right conditions for growth are present (certain environmental conditions, temperature, pressure, etc.), combined with sufficient nutrients, cells can multiply and penetrate the walls of a water purification system’s filters. This is known as “growthrough”. And since carbon-based filters remove chlorine (which is used to combat bacterial growth) from drinking water, it is that much more imperative that a system’s filter elements are self-sterilizing.

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  • Coronavirus
    February 28, 2020 Bob Harris

    CORONAVIRUS: What You Need to Prepare

    As we all know the Coronavirus has hit the ground running in the United States. Now is the time to prepare while large shortages have not been felt.  Currently, we are starting to see delays and shortages in a number of...

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  • Cleaning Your Black Berkey® Filters
    December 19, 2019 Shawn Tipping

    Cleaning Your Black Berkey® Filters

    When and how do I clean the Black Berkey® Purification Elements?

    Black Berkey® Purification Elements don’t necessarily need to be cleaned every time one cleans their Berkey® unit. However, this can vary depending on your area and water source. In certain areas, the  water is much dirtier than normal, and will necessitate cleaning the elements more frequently;

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