Interview With Chris Swanda On Emergency Preparedness

One of our Board of Advisors is a guy named Chris Swanda.

Chris is a survivalist who is a  master of surviving outdoors and tends to push the limits of what most think is possible in a survival scenario.

Chris is also a huge influencer in the preparedness community. We love his content because he prepares people for things that they will actually prepare for.

(Which is a far cry from all of this apocalypse talk that’s going on everywhere).

So we wanted to sit down with Chris and ask him a lot of those questions that most people often struggle with.

Things like:

  • How do I know what to prepare for?
  • How being prepared puts you at less of risk of things actually happening to you
  • What kind of everyday carry (EDC) items Chris has
  • & obviously much more than that!

    The total video is 40 minutes long and is packed with tons of information.



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