Tips for maintaining personal safety to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe:
1) Mobile devices distract you from paying attention and create quick and easy targets. Try not to use any mobile device when going to and from an outside location. 
2) Beware of people trying to distract you. This tactic can be used in an effort to take your belongings. Examples include asking you what time it is, asking you if you have a match, or asking for directions.
3) Keep your vehicle doors secured until you are ready to exit the vehicle. It is also a wise practice to look around your vehicle for suspicious characters prior to exiting.
4) Always secure your vehicle. Do not leave valuables in plain sight. If possible, lock all valuables in the trunk prior to parking your vehicle or take them with you when you leave your car.
5.) Work with your neighbors to keep each other safe. For example, a neighborhood watch group is a great way to indicate that your neighborhood will not be an easy target for crime. 
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