Preparing Your Pets For Disasters

Prepping for Pets

It is safe to say that Crusher and Mr. Whisker Biscuit have not given any thought to what could happen. Pretty much the only thing on your pet’s mind is what is going on at the moment. As a responsible pet owner, it falls to you to prepare for your pet’s safety and health during an emergency. Pet needs are simple compared to those of children or the elderly, but they should not be forgotten when you put your plan together.

Crusher can help you carry things, guard your shelter, and protect your family. He can also help you hunt, and can help people relax. Pets help us by providing a sense of normalcy in distressing situations. There are many advantages to owning a dog or cat, and you should remember that when prepping.  Pets in general, and dogs in particular, are resilient and adapt to change more quickly than humans. But they do react to the same stressors we face, so make sure to pack:

Their regular food


Water and bowl

A few toys

Treats, and

A blanket


Pet Taxi

Preparing before hand will help to eliminate unneeded stress from your pets and keep the situation from getting worse.  

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