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  • Maximize the efficiency of magnification transitions with fluid precision using our throw lever. Compatible with select riflescope magnification rings with a diameter of 1.81 inches / 46 mm.
  • Constructed of skeletonized, lightweight hard-anodized aluminum, the SV-5 is one tough accessory that will serve you well. The Switchview attaches and detaches easily to the magnification ring.
  • Compatible with all configurations of Viper PST GEN II riflescopes.
  • Compatible with all configurations of Razor HD AMG riflescopes.

WHY VORTEX? Optical Quality:Vortex uses dense optical
glass painstakingly designed, shaped, and polished to eliminate flaws.
Sophisticated optical designs and glass result in a brighter, sharper, more
colorful image. Superior Construction:You may pay a bit more for optics using
quality materials, sophisticated designs, and strict tolerances, but the
result is greater reliability in the field. Attention to Detail:Our standards
are exacting. Vortex engineers spend thousands of hours designing every part,
testing every component, and scrutinizing every detail. If we dont absolutely
love it, we know you wont either. Rather than go on about Us and how long
weve been in business and how great we are, we focus onyou, whatyouneed,
whatyouwant, and whats important toyoubecause thats what makes us tick.
Offeringyouthe finest in rugged optics comes about by paying attention to
detail in every aspect of our business. We are fanatics about doing things
right. This wayyoucan have the utmost confidence in our productsall worry
cast aside. We are constantly listening toyoufor feedback and ideas on new
products and innovative features soyoucan appreciate and enjoy the best in
optical performance. YOU AREthe hero -YOU AREthe heroine -YOU AREsoldiers
and patriots -YOU AREhunters and shooters YOU AREthe glue that holds us
together -YOU AREthe lifeblood of our business -YOU ARE THE VORTEX NATION
SV-5 SWITCHVIEW THROW LEVER Maximize the efficiency of magnification
transitions with fluid precision using our throw lever. Constructed of
skeletonized, lightweight, tough, hard-coat anodized machined aluminum.
Compatible with all configurations of ViperPSTGEN II riflescopes.

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