VISM Molle 25 Shotshell Carrier Pouch Black


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    • The shotshell pouch can be quickly opened by pulling the tab on the top flap up and pulling the front panel down revealing all 25 shotgun shells.
    • The shot shell pouch opens up revealing two panels with 12 and 13 elastic loops holding a total of 25 shotgun shells. The front panel drops below the back panel revealing all 25 shotgun shells for easy access. You may organize different shotshells into the elastic loops and have quick access to any of the specific shotgun shells.
    • The flap is secured to the front of the pouch with hook and loop fastener and metal thumb snaps.
    • The shotshell pouch has side panels that come together with hook and loop fasteners to form the sides of the pouch.
    • The Shot Shell Pouch is MOLLE compatible. The shotshell pouch has PALS straps located on the back panel for securing the pouch onto MOLLE webbing. You can attach this shot shell pouch to a: MOLLE vest, shotgun case, shotgun scabbard, or any MOLLE compatible gear.

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