The Pocket Guide to Prepping Supplies: More Than 200 Items You Can't Be Without

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    You will need more than just food and water when the grid goes down.

    Many people know what they need to survive a doomsday scenario. They stock high-calorie foods and clean water, they find their own sources of power and heat, and they prepare to defend themselves, if need be. With all they have stored, they have the ability to survive for days, weeks, even months.

    You may think you have finished preparing once you have accumulated these basic necessities, but there is always more that can be done. In The Pocket Guide to Prepping Supplies, the book has two hundred and thirty-five items that may prove to be indispensable for surviving the apocalypseshould it happen. From the mundane, like shelving and needle and thread, to specialized tools, such as a closet auger and jumper cables, Hahne describes how each one can prove to be a vital addition to the preppers cache. You may be surprised to see what household items can do when used creatively, and Hahne is here to help inspire you.

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