GPS Survival The Guardian Car Emergency Survival Kit

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  • Emergency survival kit for the car
  • Emergency blankets to keep you warm
  • Emergency food rations to keep you alive while you wait for help
  • Water supply to ward off dehydration
  • Seatbelt Cutter & Window Breaker

Keep yourself safe, warm and alive while you wait for help. AAA responds to over 29 million roadside assistance requests every year, with problems ranging from a blown out tire, to keys locked in the car, to a dead battery. This is great - for people who have access to AAA. And even then - are road conditions always going to allow for AAA to get to you or your family in time? In fact, it could be several hours before someone shows up to help you out! Why not prepare in the meantime, just to be safe? Introducing the GPS Survival Guardian Car Safety Kit. This 40+ piece kit comes with everything you need to keep yourself safe and alive while you wait for help, including: -23 Piece GPS Survival First Aid Kit -6 SOS Millenium Food Ration Bars (used by the US Navy) -5 SOS Water Pouches -2 GPS Survival Emergency Blankets -2 GPS Survival Emergency Ponchos. -First Aid Guide -Emergency Whistle -Water-Tight Case -Water Proof Flashlight -Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter Because jumper cables can start your car, but only if there is someone else around to help. Get the GPS Survival Guardian Car Safety Kit today and get peace of mind anytime you are on the road.

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