SE PS185 Mini Pruning Saw with Safety Release Button


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Our 10-½" Folding Mini Camping/Pruning Saw with Tripe Teeth Saw Blade Design—a super sharp and effective tool for sawing, cutting, and pruning that is great to use while camping, gardening, at home, or for keeping in your survival and emergency kits.

Features of this Folding Mini Camping/Pruning Saw include:
(1) Open length: 10-½ inches
(2) Closed length: 6-¼ inches
(3) Blade length: 5 inches
(4) Blade thickness: 1.2 mm
(5) Blade material: Carbon Steel
- 65Mn makes for a high degree of toughness and resilience
(6) Tripe teeth saw blade design
(6) Safety- Lock Button
(8) Durable, two-color plastic handle in high visibility orange and black
(9) Ergonomically curved handle for a comfortable hold
(10)Knurled handle for a sure, no-slip grip

To open and close this saw:
(1) Safety release button must be pressed and held down to close the saw.
(2) Safety release button must be pressed and held down to open the saw blade.
(3) If the safety release button is not pressed and held down, the saw blade will not open. This important feature is to prevent accidental cuts, scrapes and injury while your saw is being stored or transported. 

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