SE OD-MP10W-RCH 10W Rechargeable Megaphone


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This megaphone is controlled by smart chip. All controllers are operated by one button.

• 10 Watt
• Talk, Record, Play Music
• 60 Seconds Recording & Playback
• Audible Range- 1,140 Feet
• USB Cable Included

- Share your message to the masses. Our megaphone has 4 voulme settings to match your surroundings.At the highest volume setting, the sound is able to travel the length of 3 American football fields (380 yards)
• Power Source: The 10Watt speaker is powered by a Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Battery.
Last 4-6 hrs of Continuous Use. 6 Hr Charge Time.
• The Handle Folds-in and is designed to save space from Travel. Easily fits in to a  Backpack or Duffel Bag.

Battery installation:
Press the button and open the back cover, then put battery into the corresponding slot and close the back cover.

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