SE JT-12WP Glass Fitting Machine with Nylon Dies


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  • 12 Dies
  • Snap-on system
  • Press backs of watches, crystals, and cases
  • Repairs watches
  • Great for watchmakers

The SE JT-12WP glass fitting machine with Nylon dies is great for watch repair
and is able to fit glass and Press the backs of watches, dome and Flat shaped
watch glass crystals, and cases, which are too hard to close with a finger's
pressure. The tool protects the watches while being Pressed and the Nylon dies
will not Mar or scratch Crystal. The snap-on system allows dies to snap on and
off quickly. An assortment of 12 dies are included to fit your watch. You can
also use this to Change your watch batteries or repair your watch. To use,
first choose one die that is bigger than the watch surface and position it on
the top of the machine. Then, choose another die that is smaller than the rear
cover and position it on the bottom of the machine. Afterwards, place the
watch on the bottom die and position it correctly. Lastly, gently push the
handle bar. SE commitment statement: SE is committed to providing the customer
with the best source for value possible on the market. You will enjoy the
quality, function and usefulness of our SE JT-12WP glass fitting machine with
Nylon dies. Ipr Rights notice: important: avoid getting counterfeit items.
Genuine SE products come with the SE logo on the packaging. SE is a
registered trademark protected by us trademark law.

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