SE 10 Pc Double Ended Nylon Bristol Gun Cleaning Brush Set 7615NB10PCS


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10-Piece Double-Ended Gun Cleaning Brush Set—great to use at home, work, the automotive shop, or your workshop. Our brushes are useful for cleaning guns, spray guns, tattoo equipment, etc. with versatile cleaning capabilities as each brush has both a large and small end for getting those hard-to-reach places. 

Features of this Gun Cleaning Brush Set include:
• Overall Brush length: 7 inches
• Pack of 10 brushes
• Double-ended brush
• Large Brush Length : 1-1/2"
• Larger end with 3 rows of bristles
• Small Brush Length : 1"
• Smaller end with 1 row of bristles
• Material: nylon bristles 

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