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Pocket Shot Pocket Hammer Handle, Black

  • Patented circular slingshot design with integrated handle
  • Shoots a variety of projectiles up to 350 fps
  • Uses latex pouch elasticity to power projectiles
  • Pouch, whisker cap, and inner ring not included
  • Made in the USA

 While most people’s idea of a slingshot involves a Y-shaped frame, two elastic bands and a patch of fabric or leather in which to seat the projectile, the Pocket Shot Hammer is composed of a latex projectile pouch, a hollow base ring, hollow locking ring, and an integrated handle.

The open end of the latex pouch is sealed tightly between the base and locking rings. The projectile(s) is/are loaded into the pouch. The shooter pulls the pouch back, just like with a standard slingshot, and the resulting tension powers the projectile when the pouch is released.

Able to shoot anything from 1/4-inch to 5/16-inch balls and slugs to marbles, stones, and even arrows, the Pocket Shot Hammer is a compact, versatile tool that makes for a featherweight hunting tool, fun backyard plinker or a humane solution for eliminating small pests like mice, rats, and squirrels.

*Add Optional wrist brace for $5. Buyer is responsible for local laws and restrictions. 

**Pocket Shot is NOT included.

***Not compatible with the Pocket Shot 2.0

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