NcStar Shoulder Sling Utility Bag CVSUB3025


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  • A Single Sling Utility Bag with multiple shouldering options. You can carry the Utility Bag on the front of the body, your back, or at your sides.
  • Main compartment has zippered and hook and loop pockets for organizing your everyday gear with a large sewn in hook patch area for placing a hook fastener CCW holster.
  • Main zippered compartment measures 11.0”H X 8.0”W X 3.5”D.
  • A large padded and adjustable shoulder sling provides for comfortable carrying of the Utility Bag. Shoulder sling has a large 2.25”W plastic quick connect buckle. Adjustable sliders to adjust the sling fit to your body. The shoulder sling terminates with a plastic snap hook to attach to either right or left side D-ring, so you can carry the Utility bag on either side of your body.
  • Shoulder sling also has an adjustable cross body strap with sliders and a quick connect buckle to secure the Utility Bag close to the body and to reduce swinging.
  • Three front mounted zippered compartments for organizing your gear. Multiple pockets and elastic bands to keep your stuff organized. A strap with a plastic hook for getting to your keys quick and easy.
  • The front top compartment measures 7.25”W X 3.25”H X 1.25”D, the bottom compartment is 7.25”W X 7.0”H X 1.5”D,
  • Front compartments have PALs webbing for attaching additional MOLLE gear. Hook fastener patch area for attaching a patch.
  • Rear pocket with a metal button fastener and with a plastic D-ring. The pocket can be used as a quick access CCW compartment. Inside the pocket, it has a large 6.0”W X 5.0”H hook fastener patch section sewn in for attaching hook fastener CCW holster.
  • The rear pocket has a padded rubberized non-slip surface and a hook and loop fastener webbing for securing the Utility Bag to your belt.
  • Top-mounted Neoprene hand strap 5.25”W with plastic D-rings.
  • Four rows of PALs webbing on the sides of the Utility Bag for attaching MOLLE accessories to the bag.
  • Dimensions: 11.0”H X 8.0”W X 5.25”D
  • Weight: 20.5 oz.

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