NcStar Molle Battle Belts CVBB3021 All Colors & Sizes


Size: SM
Color: Black
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  • Large padded Battle Belt with PAL webbing for MOLLE compatible gear, ergonomically shaped for comfort and weight distribution, with mesh lining for breathability, side panels with hook and loop fasteners for the ease of configuring and adjusting your belt and shooting gear, and with D-rings for attaching optional harnesses/ suspenders. Innerbelt (web, duty, war belt) not included.
  • The padded battle belt has 2 rows of PAL webbing across back and side panels for MOLLE compatible shooting gear. Ergonomically shaped for better mobility, comfort, and weight distribution.
  • Padded mesh lining for breathability and for better cooling, with some slip-resistant surfaces to help keep battle belt in place. Battle belt has ½” thick dense padding that is less bulky than other battle belt designs.
  • Side panels have hook-and-loop fasteners for easy inner web/duty belt threading & drop leg holster installation. Side panels have large bottom openings for drop leg holsters, mag pouches, and other drop leg accessories. Compatible with a 1.5" - 2.0" web/duty belts (not included).
  • 2 each D-rings on the back panel and 1 each D-ring on each of the side panels for suspenders and H type harnesses.
  • Available in three sizes (Large, Medium, Small) and four colors (Black, Green, Tan, Urban Gray). Battle belt minimum waist sizes for the: LARGE is 38.0"+, MEDIUM is 36.0"+, and SMALL is 32.0"+ .

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