FithOps Infrared Perimeter Silent Alarm

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Infrared Perimeter Silent Alarm

This device is a tripline-activated early warning intrusion detector that alerts the observer while the intruder remains unaware that he has activated the alarm signal. Utilizing infrared light technology, its 940nm signal is invisible to the naked eye yet very visible to night vision scopes and low-light cameras. It produces a unique pulse rate that easily distinguishes it from nearby ambient light sources. The signal can be seen up to one mile away with 3rd generation night vision viewers. Easy to operate and weather-resistant. Powered by one 9-volt battery. Size: 5” x 1.9”. Made in the USA.

What's Includes

  • Mounting hardware
  • 85 ft spool of Kevlar® trip line
  • Camouflaging sleeve
  • 9-volt Battery
  • * Night Vision Not Included. *

Product Specs

  • Weather-resistant
  • Powered by 9-volt Battery
  • Size: 5" x 1.9"
  • Made in USA

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