SE ET3683 Heavy Duty Aluminum Coated Interior Emergency Tube Tent


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This tube tent is a great addition to your gear for hiking, camping, hunting, boating, fishing, survival and emergency kits, and can also be used as an emergency blanket, shelter, ground cover, and more!

Features of our Emergency Outdoor Tube Tent include:

(1) Dimensions (inches): 82 x 36
(2) Ridge height: 33"
(3) Non-woven, orange-colored material
(4) Aluminum coating on the interior side for extra warmth
(5) 23 feet (7 meters) of nylon rope
(6) Four 9" zinc-plated carbon steel tent pegs
(7) Re-usability
(8) Waterproof
(9) Thermal reflective
(10) Fire Retardant Material

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