SE STW236-BL Collapsible Food Container with 2 Compartments Includes Utensils


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Traditional plastic containers are done. Why carry around a large cumbersome plastic container when you can store your food the new way. Carry your entire meal in our food storage containers and then collapse them down to take up less room in your tote bag, travel gear, or cabinet when not in use.

Features of this product include: 
• Overall size: 6” x 8-¼” 
• Collapsed height: 1” 
• Expanded height: 2-½” 
• Dual Compartment: 
- Smaller size capacity: 10.15 fluid oz. 
- Larger size capacity: 20.3 fluid oz. 
• Double-ended utensil: spoon & fork 
• Snap-on lid with built-in storage space for utensil 
• Protective cover for utensil 
• Dishwasher & microwave safe 
• FDA-approved material 
• BPA-free silicone

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