Celox V12090 Blood Clotting Granule Applicator and Plunger Set, 6 grams


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  • Blood clotting powder with applicator set for stopping bleeding from small, penetrating wounds
  • Suitable for bullet, blast, or stabbing injuries
  • Applicator and plunger system for inserting hemostatic agent deep into site of wound to source of bleeding
  • Non-heat generating and removable from wound for treatment
  • Sterile, waterproof packaging, with instructions printed on backside for product use

Celox blood clotting granules with applicator set is used to stop bleeding
from small, penetrating wounds, and is suitable for treating bullet, blast, or
stabbing injuries. The sets applicator and plunger system help to insert the
hemostatic agent deep into the site of the wound to reach the source of
bleeding. The granules are non-heat generating and removable from the wound
for additional treatment. The set has sterile, waterproof packaging, with
instructions printed on the backside for product use.

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