GPS Survival 72 Hour Emergency Kit for 4

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  • 4 Person 72 Hour Emergency Kit
  • SOS Food Ration Bars - Used By The US Navy
  • Sawyer Mini Water Filter - Used By The US Army
  • Fox Tactical Pack - Highest Market Quality

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends every American to
have a 72 hour emergency kit for disaster preparedness, not just for
themselves but for the whole family. The GPS Survival Emergency Survival Kit
and Bug Out Bag comes pre-made with all the essentials for 4 people to survive
for 72 hours. Unrivaled in quality, the bag features name brand and high
quality survival products like SOS Food Ration Bars, Sawyer Water Filtration
Straw and a Fox Tactical Transport Pack, so your 72 hour emergency
preparedness kit wont break down on you when you need it the most. The kit
features a Sawyer Mini Water Filtration Package which is designed to purify
any type of water source you come across, so no more hauling around the extra
weight of water pouches or worrying about expiration dates. The Mini Filter
removes 99.99999% of all bacteria in any given water source and and allows 10
times less protozoa than EPA guidelines allow, so you know you are always
drinking pure, clean water. The Emergency Kit also comes with enough SOS Food
Ration Bars to last 4 people for 72 hours. These name brand bars are US Navy
and Coast Guard approved and have a shelf life of 5 years, so you can expect
quality that lasts the test of time. The GPS Survival Emergency Preparedness
Kit is travel sized so you can use it to bug out quickly. In the medium-sized
military-grade Fox Outdoor pack comes a whistle for signalling in times of
distress, four all weather travel blankets to keep you warm, 4 ponchos to keep
you dry, one premium grade flashlight rated at 400 lumen for maximum
visibility, four glow sticks for signaling between your family members, a
hatchet for shelter building and a premium first aid kit, just in case. It
also comes with a free copy of the acclaimed book from Game Plan Experts Your
Emergency Game Plan which will make you an expert in emergency preparedness.
The GPS Survival Emergency Kit and Bug Out Bag gives you all the tools you
need to sleep

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