What are the best items to keep in a bug out or emergency travel bag?

So bearing in mind you will be on the road, we recommend the following for a Bug Out Bag or Get Home Bag.  There are many other things you might want to have but weight may be an issue.

  • Water - both drinkable now and a small filter like Sawyer or Lifesaver
  • Food - rations that are not heat or cold sensitive - SOS Food Labs
  • Credit Cards and Cash
  • Change of Clothing - Base Layers up to Coats
  • Shelter - May be a small tent, or Tarp, Sleeping Bag, Blanket
  • Communication - Small handcrank NOAA weather radio and two way or HAM radio if properly licensed
  • Extra Pair of Glasses and Medication for 7 days minimum
  • First Aid Kit with Trauma Items like a Gen7 CAT Tourniquet and N95 Masks
  • Pocket First Aid Guide or Book
  • Extra set of keys
  • List of important family phone numbers and addresses
  • Small portable Solar Panel - Renogy 21 Watt Folding Panel
  • Extra Batteries and Charging Cables
  • GPS Tracker - like Spot X or InReach
  • Good Quality Flashlight - Hybridlight makes a solar and rechargeable flashlight that is waterproof. Plus another batter light or lantern - LED preferred
  • Hygiene Items - toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and other toiletries including toilet paper
  • Fire making - a lighter works well or you can get a fire striker
  • Multi-Tool a couple of good options include Gerber and Leatherman as the make great all around tools
  • Things for your car - make sure to keep your fuel tank at 50% minimum at all times
  • Keep your spare and tire changing equipment in serviceable condition and make sure you have jumper cables, tow rope, fix a flat, small air compressor and fire extinguisher in your car kit.
  • You may also want to have personal protection items.

This isn’t an all inclusive list, as our personal and professional gear for bugging out is much more extensive. But these are definitely things that everyone should have available. We help others to be more self-reliant and less of a burden on their neighbors, communities, states and the government in general.

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