As we all know the Coronavirus has hit the ground running in the United States. Now is the time to prepare while large shortages have not been felt.  Currently, we are starting to see delays and shortages in a number of areas so the sooner the better.

We have been receiving a number of inquiries about how and what to prepare. I am attaching a link to the FEMA Disaster Preparedness Manual. This has some good tips. Go to around page 195 and look at the checklists.

We believe this virus will be tackled similarly as in China with businesses being closed and people forced into their houses for a period of time. For your family, you need to focusing on the basics:  food, water, refrigeration, and power.

Food: We recommend stockpiling some cans of soup, vegetables and some rice. Additionally, have some Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and SOS food bricks. The MREs can be eaten cold or hot. The SOS bricks are good for mobile or quick eating. Think Meals vs protein bars. We recommend about 5-7 days worth of food in your house. MREs come in cartons of 12 meals (or 4 days worth at 3 meals/day). Having a couple of cases of both MREs and SOS will supplement and prolong your food storage. 

Water: Clean water is more important than food because you can live longer without food. We recommend about 35 gallons of water for two people.

WaterBrick is a safe BPA-free stackable option to hold clean water. 10 bricks will provide enough storage for 2 people. If you have 4 people, look at 2 10 packs. Here’s a link to WaterBrick.

Berkey Sport Bottles: These are water filtration bottles using the same great Berkey filtration as in their larger units. These will provide some portable water in case you want to fill up at a tap or public place.

Berkey filtration will remove many particulates and viruses found in water today giving you 99.9% clean water. 

Berkey Travel: Berkey sent a notification they are out of many of their Berkey models due to a large wave of purchases. They have travel berkeys in stock that provide larger home water filtration. Link.

Refrigeration: You may want or need refrigeration to maintain food or medicine in your house.

We recommend the IceCo Fridge/Freezers. They can be powered through a car 12v/lighter plug or through a generator. They have compartments and will keep your food/drinks/medicine cold and are portable. This is a really elegant solution to portable refrigeration. 

Power: We have small solar options to provide off grid power for radios, phones, ipads, etc. all the way up to full gas generators to power homes or RVs. All sizes available. Here’s a link to our Off Grid items.

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