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Free Shipping Over $99 - COVID-19 Notice: We are experiencing shipping delays for some products but working hard to get orders out.

Fifty/Fifty Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Wide Mouth - 32 oz. Capacity


Where ever your day may take you, be sure to bring your FIFTY/FIFTY bottle. Our double-wall technology is designed to keep your cold beverage icy cold up to 24 hours or your hot beverage steaming hot up to 6 hours. Our bottles are the perfect companion to take with you to your morning workout class, busy work day, or if you're just relaxing fire side with family and friends on those cool summer nights. Our wide mouth series is compatible with our flip and straw lid options. Now you can replace your paper coffee cups with our reusable bottle and flip lids that give you peace of mind when enjoying your cup of joe. Sip and hydrate with our straw lids while on the go.

The FIFTY/FIFTY bottles and growlers are constructed from lightweight 18/8 stainless steel that is 100 Percent recyclable, BPA-Free, and requires no lining. Stainless steel also will not retain odor or taste.

  • Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Construction
  • 18/ 8 Stainless Steel
  • Variety of Sizes and Colors
  • Perfect for Hot or Cold Beverages
  • BPA-Free
  • Reusable

How Does It Work?

Hot or Cold All Day Long

ICY-HOT Hydration's FIFTY/FIFTY Vacuum Insulated double wall water bottles and growlers keep liquids cold or hot by using the best insulation technologies available. Instead of simply using foam insulation, or using a double-wall construction without insulation, our FIFTY/FIFTY bottles and growlers are vacuum insulated between the two layers of the stainless steel water bottles. A vacuum is a space that contains no atoms which in turn eliminates conduction and convection allowing for the beverage inside to stay cold or hot depending on what you have put in there. The main reason the beverages can’t retain their temperature for even longer being that some temperature leak does occur through the lid of the bottle. Most cheaper, imitation knock-off stainless steel bottles solely utilize a double wall technique, that is great for reducing condensation on the exterior for the bottle, but does very little toward actually helping beverages to retain their temperatures.

Perfect For Any Activitiy

FIFTY/FIFTY vacuum-insulated water bottles and growlers keep liquids icy cold or steaming hot all day. The variety of sizes makes it so you can chose the size to best fit your needs. They can store easily in your purse or backpack while holding enough to keep you hydrated during your work day or while on a hike. The larger sizes are perfect to bring to a full day of adventure or for someone constantly on the go.